Roof Asset Management

Certified Roofing Specialists is proud to offer its customers a customized, proactive, and preventative roof asset management program. Certified takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology and software to streamline the way we collect, manage, and present your roof information. This comprehensive roof asset management program provides roof condition reports and forecast information to efficiently assist in the management of your roof assets.

This program saves our customers money in the short and long term. Our program helps take the guesswork out of budgeting while providing significant information to assist with any maintenance decisions prior to eventual replacement needs. We help take the worry out of your roofing investment while extending the life of your roof.

The program begins with an initial thorough visual inspection.

The Roof Asset Management Program includes the following services:

Inspection and Documentation Review

We gather all of your warranty information and add it to our initial report based on visual inspection. This review is an objective assessment of your roof and is maintained in our web-based system.

Web-Based Summary, Report and Budget Forecasting Reports

Our Roof Asset Management Program allows you to access your roof information online, securely, 24 hours per day. Every report generated, whether a Technical Report or a Budget Forecasting Report, is available in a user friendly PDF format.
Samples of the reports are listed

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a quick overview of the information presented in the Technical Report.

Technical Report

The Technical Report is a compilation of all of the information gathered during the Infrared Analysis and Visual Assessment including digital photographs.

Budgeting Reports

Budget forecasts will be generated for a period of one through ten-years and will include any applicable repair and/or eventual replacement costs.

The Roofing Asset Management Program assesses the degradation of the roof and calculates the rate of failure and converts this information into easily understood figures designed to better utilize operations and maintenance budget funds. Certified Roofing Specialists will maintain up-to-date leak history for each roof section and indicate the locations on RoofCAD drawings.

Roof Maintenance Contract

Our roof maintenance contract includes annual minor maintenance repairs to the existing system that helps to prolong the life cycle of the roof and can prevent membrane damaging moisture from entering the system and migrating into the building. We provide maintenance inspections on all three major components of your roof system: insulation, membrane and flashing.

24-Hour Emergency Leak Response

Our Roof Asset Management Program will also include emergency leak response. If a roof leak is discovered, a Certified Roofing Specialists Representative will respond and make a temporary repair until a permanent remedy can be designed and implemented.

Being proactive is essential to the longevity of your roofing system. Certified’s comprehensive Roof Asset Management Program provides the necessary tools to reduce roof leaks, extend the life of your roof, and assist with budgeting for this roofing system and the next.