At Certified Contracting Group, we take the safety of our employees and those working around us very seriously. Workplace safety is our priority and at Certified Contracting Group, our commitment to safety exceeds regulatory requirements.

Our comprehensive safety plan includes:

Safety Director
We have a full time safety director to oversee all projects.

Safety Committee
We have a committee comprised of employees at all levels to develop and implement safety programs.

Safety Training
All employees, regardless of position, are trained on safety in the workplace for themselves and those around them.

OSHA Training
All staff members are competent and up-to-date on all OSHA guidelines to protect themselves and to properly secure the areas surrounding our projects.

Audits of the Workplace
We perform routine safety audits to ensure compliance with our safety programs and procedures. These audits are a proactive mechanism we use to recognize and resolve any concern before it becomes a safety hazard.

Site Specific Job Hazard Analysis
This identifies any existing or potential hazards and designs a plan to address any site specific issues.

Written Fall Protection Plan for Every Job
This establishes and defines the safety set up prior to the start of any job.

Compliance and Enforcement
Written, enforced safety rules are in place with disciplinary consequences.

With specialized training on the job site hazards, the practice of weekly “tool box” safety topics and routine safety audits, Certified Contracting Group prides itself with qualifying for one of the industries’ lowest experience modification rates along with safe and healthy employees. We understand that quality and safety are inexorably linked and we integrate this into our comprehensive safety program.