Concrete Restoration

The need for concrete restoration is becoming more prevalent, especially in the Southeast’s humid environment. Additionally, along the coast, there is a high content of salt that exacerbates the problem. Cracks form in stucco and concrete and allow moisture to penetrate into the building. This moisture and water can corrode the structural steel reinforcement members in the concrete. Over time, this will cause additional cracking, popping, and “spalling” on the concrete of your building. Spalling is when the concrete separates from the building. Once this spalling occurs it unfortunately opens up your building to more water intrusion, which leads to further corrosion and the further weakening of the structure. It is imperative to fix this problem when the first signs of cracking and spalling occur.

The restoration process involves locating the problem areas, removing the damaged concrete to expose the damaged areas and remediating them by restoring the structural steel to a non-corroded state. It is also common to have to replace rebar all together and add corrosion prohibitors to prevent further spreading. Once the problem is corrected the concrete, cracks, and stucco are repaired.

These problems should be addressed as quickly as possible. The concrete restoration process can be a very extensive and expensive endeavor, however letting the problem spread will only add to the damage to your building.

CRS Associates has highly skilled technicians to repair spalled concrete surfaces, seal leaking cracks and joints, and apply coatings and linings. We review each situation and utilize the most advanced techniques and materials to repair and restore your concrete building.